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For information on the SAFA Transnet Football School Of Excellence, please e-mail or call +27 11 947 1999

 Phelophepa Train Website

Phelophepa Train Website

 Phelophepa Train Walk-through

Phelophepa Train Walk-through

 Grants and Donations

Community based and non-profit organizations play a crucial role in uplifting impoverished communities. Once-off funding is granted to deserving projects in the areas of health, education, sport, containerised…

 Health Portfolio

The Phelophepa Health Train brings health and hope to thousands of rural South Africans in need of access to health care facilities. This eighteen coach train, with its nineteen resident staff members,…

 Education Portfolio

When we ponder on the past lack of opportunities regarding education for some of our South African youths, it’s clear that we have so much to celebrate. There are many inspiring stories of overcoming obstacles,…

 Sports Portfolio

Long before the dawn of South Africa hosting the 2010 Soccer World Cup, Transnet Foundation recognised the abundance of football talent amongst its youth. The company initiated the Rural and Farm Schools…

 Socio-Economic Infrastructure Development (SEID)

Retired freight containers get a new lease on life to deliver service to most outlying rural communities. Our Socio-Economic Infrastructure Development programme has refocused its efforts on safety and…

 Employee Volunteer Programme

There’s an African proverb that says: It takes a village to raise a child. At the Transnet Foundation, colleagues are now adding a second line to that piece of wisdom: ... but what does it take to raise…

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"The iconic and award-winning Transnet Phelophepao I and II healthcare trains are on track to reach their 12 millionth patient directly, by the end of September this year, when they completes their journey throughout rural South Africa", Chairperson of the Board Ms. Linda…

read more | 28-04-16

The Grants and Donations portfolio, a special unit within the Transnet Foundation, has continued on a clear trajectory of uplifting communities in need through funding community focused organisations and initiatives whose sole objectives have been to make this world a better…

read more | 20-04-16

The annually held Transnet Leadership and Life Skills Camp kicked off to a lot of fanfare at the Bon HON Hotel Riviera, in the Vaal. From the 29th of March to the 6th of April, a group of 40 learners will be hosted by Transnet Foundation and facilitated and managed by Vaiti…

read more | 11-04-16

Foundation launches sleek online media library

Due to high media and public demand, we are glad to finally inform you that our new, streamlined digital media library housing a large number of photos and videos has launched. The repository is online with effect from today and houses some history of the Transnet Foundation, and the activities that our portfolios are involved in.

We have put together and availed to the media and the public one of the biggest photo and video banks of the Transnet Foundations collateral from where both, the media and the public, can download high resolution pictures in many different formats including high resolution pictures for their own use. The new media repository is scalable and is fully searchable with easy download features.

"We are obviously glad that our media library has now gone online. It took quite a number of months to finally come alive, but I hope that the media and the public will now find it easy and convenient to simply download the images they require online rather than waiting for the communications department to respond to emails, which often takes longer", said Ms Cynthia Mgijima,  Head of the Transnet Foundation.

You can visit the media libary at


read more | 04-05-16



Regional Tournament

Where: Kwazulu Natal Starts: 28-05-16
Ends: 28-05-16
Sport Portfolio

Phelophepa I

Where: Schweizer Reneke (North West) Starts: 30-05-16
Ends: 31-05-16
Health Portfolio

Phelophepa Ii

Where: Piet Retief (Mpumalanga) Starts: 30-05-16
Ends: 31-05-16
Health Portfolio

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