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 Football School of Excellence

Football School of Excellence

 Phelophepa Train Website

Phelophepa Train Website

 Phelophepa Train Walk-through

Phelophepa Train Walk-through

 Grants and Donations

Community-based and non-profit organisations play a crucial role in uplifting impoverished communities. Once-off funding is granted to deserving projects in the areas of health, education, sport, containerised…

 Health Portfolio

The Phelophepa Health Trains brings health and hope to thousands of rural South Africans in need of access to health-care facilities. These eighteen coach trains, with theirits twenty resident staff members,…

 Education Portfolio

When we ponder on the past lack of educational opportunities for some of our South African youths, it’s clear that we have so much to celebrate. There are many inspiring stories of overcoming obstacles,…

 Sports Portfolio

Long before the dawn of South Africa hosting the 2010 Soccer World Cup, the Transnet Foundation recognised the abundance of football talent amongst its youth. The company initiated the Rural and Farm Schools…

 Socio-Economic Infrastructure Development (SEID)

Retired freight containers get a new lease on life to deliver services to most outlying rural communities. Our Socio-Economic Infrastructure Development programme has refocused its efforts on safety and…

 Employee Volunteer Programme

There’s an African proverb that says;: ''It takes a village to raise a child''. At the Transnet Foundation, colleagues are now adding a second line to that piece of wisdom;: ''... but what does it take…

2017 Phelophepa Schdule

SAFA / Transnet Football School of Excellence


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Although South Africa is rich in sporting talent, much of it goes undiscovered because it is hidden away in underdeveloped and rural communities. There are many opportunities for young sportsmen and women to develop and showcase their abilities, but most of the infrastructure…

read more | 30-09-16

The Power of History

From the 27th of October to the 2nd of November over 1 000 grade five and nine learners from schools in George were treated to a tour of the Transnet Transport Museum. The museum, which fulfils the Transnet Foundation’s Heritage Preservation Unit’s objective to preserve its assets of historical significance, is a stalwart of the South African railway industry. 


This was a first time visit for 99 percent of the kids and from what we observed they really enjoyed the visit. There was a lot of excitement,” confirmed Kobus Volschenk, Manager of the Museum. “The learners showed a keen interest in what we are doing at the museum, especially with regards to the technical side of steam trains and how they work. It was very encouraging to witness the number of questions asked, and the thirst for more information. It is satisfying to have made a difference in the lives of 200 kids in one day, and we are convinced that they will remember this outing.” 


read more | 04-11-16