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About Us

There are so many people out there in need of help. But caregiving, as a once-off act of kindness, unfortunately doesn’t go very far. Reaching out is something that needs to be ongoing for its impact to be truly felt. This is the thought upon which our social investment vehicle, the Transnet Foundation, was built.

aids dayIntroduction

Corporate Social Investment (CSI) has become much more than an inspirational buzzword. In a country where there is much scope for development and the upliftment of its people, CSI has become a core element of businesses across all industries. The Transnet Group has a separate division that implements the company’s socio-economic development projects to ensure that the best possible resources are dedicated to CSI initiatives. This division, the Transnet Foundation, is breaking ground to build a healthy, safe and educated nation.  


The Transnet Foundation's objectives at  are aligned with Transnet’s market demand strategy, which is to:

  • Deliver sustainable developmental projects through the efficient use of resources;
  • Ensure that the Foundation’s CSI projects contribute towards the social and economic upliftment of vulnerable people and communities;
  • Enable Transnet’s sustainability reporting through CSI programmes that adhere to the CSI trends and have a business fit with Transnet’s strategic objectives; and
  • Ensure CSI activities are consistent with sound corporate governance and Transnet’s commitment to remain a responsible corporate citizen

Bringing About Permanent Change for a Successful Society

At the Transnet Foundation, we believe investing in the people of South Africa is the foundation of the country’s economic success and sustainability as a whole. We are dedicated to building a healthier, better educated, safer and more skilled population that is positive about our country and motivated to grab the opportunities that empower them to live fulfilled lives. People who believe in themselves and in the future are the building blocks of South Africa’s economic success. To reach this goal, we focus on projects that change people’s lives for the better.

As a Corporate Social Investment (CSI) arm of the Transnet (SOC) Limited, we are a specialist unit charged with administering and executing its social investment strategy. We have invested in more than five portfolios, in line with our mandate from our principals. These are Education, Health, Sports, Arts and Culture, Container Assistance as well as the Grants and Donations portfolios.

With the launch of the Market Demand Strategy (MDS) in April 2012, a programme that will see Transnet (SOC) Limited ploughing R300 billion into capital projects over the next seven years, the company immediately embarked on a journey to build its capacity to meet validated market demands aimed at enabling South Africa’s economic growth.

The MDS is the centrepiece of the government’s growth strategy, achieved through investing in infrastructure, and is a key component of enabling the aspirations of the New Growth Plan. Transnet (SOC) Limited, through us at the Transnet Foundation, continues to play a pivotal role in support of the government’s drive for an infrastructure investment-led economic growth.

We realise that it is of paramount importance to align all our projects with the Market Demand Strategy. This realisation is clearly demonstrated by some of our strategically positioned portfolios, like the Container Assistance Programme, which seeks to build much needed community infrastructure using refurbished containers, and our Education portfolio, which seeks to bolster teaching skills and resource availabilities for both teachers and learners, to mention but a few.

At the Foundation our thirst  to reach South Africa’s remote rural communities - in our quest to lend a helping hand - is unquenchable. It is a mandate we hold true and upon which we place a high value. Our dedication to deliver successful, sustainable projects focused on less privileged communities, the creation of employment, and the facilitation of skills development, is invioble.

While lending a helping hand to the less fortunate is in perfect unison and alignment with the holistic Transnet (SOC) Limited’s long-term Corporate Social Investment (CSI) strategy, it also remains firmly perched at the top of our agenda, and is something around which the Foundation's purpose revolves.

Our caregiving spans through education, healthcare, sports and; container infrastructure, with special projects benefitting impoverished communities. While we have a national CSI footprint, we also place particular emphasis on areas that are close to our business operations.

We recognise that South Africa is a country of mixed fortunes, with a sizeable number of people pressingly in need of help, but caregiving needs to be ongoing and consistent for it to make a lasting impact, and it is according to this principle upon which the track of our orbit is laid.

Transnet (SOC) Limited invests well over R160 million in Corporate Social Investment initiatives annually, with over R140 million of the funds allocated directly under the Foundation.

Our Portfolios

The Phelophepa Health Trains – the first healthcare clinic on wheels.

The two Phelophepa Health Trains use the existing rail network to make quality medical care an accessible reality for many of South Africa’s remote communities, where there is often only a single doctor for every 5 000 people.

Rural and Farm Schools Sport Programme – Nurturing Tomorrow’s Sports Stars

We have two programmes - the Rural and Farm Schools Sport Tournaments, and the Transnet Foundation’s Sport Incubator Programme. The programmes identify and develop young sports talent in rural areas to improve their prospects for the future.

Container Assistance Programme – The Ideal Infrastructure Solution

This programme uses old containers as infrastructure in under-resourced communities. Since the start of the programme in 2001, more than 30 container structures have been built across the country for satellite police stations, health clinics and social services access points.

Education Programme – Support for Both Students and Teachers

The Transnet Foundation’s education initiative is aligned with the government’s priority to improve the quality of basic education, Sharp Minds! (on hold since 2011 to focus on teacher development), and the Teacher Development Programme both offer knowledge and skills development, with a focus on students and teachers respectively.

Employee Volunteer Programme – Sharing Our Knowledge and Skills Base

The volunteering programme gives Transnet employees the opportunity to volunteer their time, skills and knowledge to help improve the communities in which Transnet operates, through infrastructure maintenance, adult education and sports coaching.

Grants and Donations - Uplifting Communities For a Brighter Future

Community-based and non-profit organisations play a crucial role in uplifting impoverished communities, where people mostly don’t have the means to help themselves. The Foundation believes that, by providing much needed care and services, it helps empower people to live productive, healthy and fulfilling lives, and offers hope for a bright future when prospects are generally dim.

In working towards a healthier, more productive, more sustainable country, Transnet acknowledges and supports the powerful impact that non-profit organisations and community-based projects have on communities. These initiatives give the Transnet Foundation an opportunity to contribute to the development of South Africa’s people, as well as government’s goals of addressing the skills shortage challenges by equipping our youth to build successful careers.