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Employee Volunteer Programme – Volunteers for Villages

There’s an African proverb that says;: ''It takes a village to raise a child''. At the Transnet Foundation, colleagues are now adding a second line to that piece of wisdom;: ''... but what does it take to raise a village?'' This is where the company’s Employee Volunteer Programme (EVP) comes in. The EVP is a strategic plan to run projects in the various communities that Transnet operates in, using the skills and volunteerism of all the company’s employees to help improve those communities.

Employee Volunteer Programme

When it comes to Corporate Social Investment (CSI) and companies’ desires to have a positive impact on the world by starting at home, there is a secret weapon that all businesses possess. However, very few companies take full advantage of this powerful weapon. The weapon is called employee passion, and it is the very effective driving force behind Transnet's Employee Volunteer Programme.

Finding Meaning in Broadening Your Horizons

The power of employee passion cannot be overestimated. The strength of this force is rooted in the human need for creating meaning and leaving a legacy. Many scholars have suggested that the quest for meaning is perhaps the central hunger in modern industrial society. And, more often than not, that hunger expresses itself not just in a quest for personal meaning, but for meaning in a context that is greater than yourself.

This is the basic principle that underlies the innovative Transnet Employee Volunteer Programme (EVP).

Creating Shared Value through Employee Community Involvement

The EVP is an overall company strategy to run projects in the various communities that Transnet operates in, using the skills and expertise of more than 60 000 Transnet employees to help improve communities. The EVP matches the broad wealth of skills and knowledge in Transnet with the broad range of developmental needs of a receiving community, whether it be infrastructure development, job creation or skills development.

Bringing About Effective and Sustainable Change

We live in a country where there is no shortage of opportunities for creating a lasting impact through volunteering activities. Yet, in some circles, community involvement programmes are not fully optimised. As an innovation and engineering company, Transnet can draw upon a broad pool of specialists and experts as well as extensive experience in projects related and linked to our core business. This adds immense value to the outreach initiatives and contributes to the sustainability of the projects – a key element in all of Transnet’s CSI initiatives.

Change and Impact Far Beyond the Material and the Tangible

Experience shows that financial resources are not the decisive success factor for any community project. The people of Transnet can share an enormous amount of expertise and talent in various areas. Sharing and transferring this know-how can be even more effective and sustainable than solely making a financial contribution. This is the ethos of a successful employee volunteer scheme.

Key Strategic Principles of the EVP

  • Use the inherent skills and knowledge base of Transnet employees for the socio-economic development of target communities (villages) in a sustained and measurable manner.
  • Implement an integrated Transnet-wide approach to CSI that encourages employees from all operating divisions to volunteer.
  • Increase Transnet’s B-BBEE score through socio-economic and enterprise development.
  • Increase the scope of Transnet’s procurement by developing the business competency of the SMME-s in the benefitting communities and growing these businesses to become suppliers for Transnet.
  • Contribute towards the skills development of Transnet employees by introducing them to new environments that present different challenges.
  • Enhance employee pride in Transnet.

Transnet EVP Villages are Operational in the Following Areas:

  • Inanda in Durban
  • Motherwell in Port Elizabeth
  • Diepsloot in Johannesburg
  • West Coast in the Western Cape
  • De Aar in the Northern Cape

How We Grow Transnet and its Employees through Reaching Out

  • The EVP programmes help to build brand awareness and affinity, while strengthening trust and loyalty among our clients.
  • The initiatives give the company a human face, reinforcing the idea that Transnet is comprised of real people that just happen to be organised around a developmental need area. This makes us more approachable, strengthening our potential for incorporating successful CSI projects.
  • The most meaningful benefit is for our own people. Employees that volunteer tend to experience greater job satisfaction. This leads to a more positive attitude, which constructively impacts job performance, teamwork and many other intangibles that make great companies even better.

The EVP is the perfect channel to match the broad wealth of skills and knowledge in Transnet with the broad range of developmental needs in the communities where we operate.

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Examples of Volunteer Activities

The Transnet EVP blitz campaign


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