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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Relationship Between Transnet (SOC) Limited and the Transnet Foundation?

Transnet Foundation is the social investment unit of Transnet (SOC) Limited. The Foundation invests in five portfolios, Education, Health, Sport, Employee Volunteer Programme (EVP), and Socio-Economic Infrastructure Development (SEID).

Does the Foundation Enter into partnership with Other Organisations?

Yes, if there is synergy and shared objectives, the Foundation will consider entering into partnerships. The Foundation is also inclined towards partnerships since it enhances impacts and assists in the sustainability of projects.

How do we get Sponsorship from Transnet Foundation?

Follow the procedure as outlined on the Grant Funding web page.

Do you have a Deadline for Funding?

The grant funding committee meets quarterly to consider requests. The meetings are held in February, May, August, and November.

What are the Funding Criteria?

The minimum standards required are listed on the Grant Funding web page.

I Applied for Grant Funding Before and I was Declined, is it possible for me to Apply Again?

Yes. We now advise you to complete our application form to ensure that you provide us with the required information. This, however, does not guarantee that your request will be successful.

How do I Apply for a Bursary from the Transnet Foundation?

The Transnet Foundation does not offer bursaries. However, within Transnet (SOC) Limited there is a bursary scheme, and applications for bursaries close at the end of June.The bursaries offered by Transnet (SOC) Limited are for studies in Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, and Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. These bursaries are offered to learners with a pass mark of over 65% in Maths and Science. Application forms for the bursaries can be downloaded on

Our School is in a state of Disrepair and we Need the Transnet Foundation to Assist us to Build New Classrooms, an Administration Alock and Other Facilities.

The Transnet Foundation does not assist individual schools with infrastructure development, but considers funding for education programmes run by organisations focusing on Maths, Science and Technology.

What is the Relation Between Transnet Foundation’s Phelophepa Health Care Train and the Department of Health?

Transnet Foundation has, since the inception of Phelophepa in 1994, established a sustainable and good working relationship with the Department of Health. The Departments officials guide us to ensure that all Phelophepa operations are aligned with health legislation and protocol. In addition, the Phelophepa staff refer patients requiring further attention back to clinics and hospitals, and all referrals are followed up from both sides.

Do you Sponsor Individuals?

No, only established NGOs, CBOs and government co-funded projects are supported. Individuals who apply in a non-profit capacity and represent a developmental organisation may be considered. Please refer to the Grant Funding section for more details.

What are the Containers Used for and How?

Containers are used to provide critical office space and storage needs in priority target areas, with a focus on safety and security as well as social development needs.

Does Transnet Foundation Sponsor Arts Education at Specific Schools?