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Transnet set to transform lives in Saldanha

The Transnet Foundation is planning a sustainable social investment intervention in the small west coast town of Vredenburg in Saldanha, which includes, amongst other actions the development of the Louwville sports fields in Vredenburg. The project, started in the year 2013 started with the installation of the grand stands where people can sit and watch their matches during weekends.

The development of the sports field, with four football grounds and a netball pitch is a clear demonstration of Transnet’s commitment to foster relations and nurture the communities within which the company operates. Through its corporate social investment vehicle, Transnet Foundation, the state enterprise has committed over a million rand in the development of the sports field.

“Our thirst at the Foundation to reach South Africa’s remote communities in our quest to lend a helping hand is unquenchable. It is a mandate we hold true and place high value upon. Our dedication to successfully deliver sustainable projects to less privileged communities that realises the creation of employment and skills development is inviolable.

“While lending a helping hand to the less fortunate communities and individuals is in perfect unison and alignment with the holistic Transnet (SOC) Limited’s long-term Corporate Social Investment (CSI) strategy, it also remains firmly perched at the top of our agenda, and is something around which our purpose here at the Foundation revolves,” says Suzie Mabie, Senior Manager at the Transnet Foundation.

The next phase to be completed at the end of September 2013 is the installation of pole bins and four electronic scoreboards with a 150 meter visibility range each.

Ms Susie Mabie, Senior Manager: EVP at the Foundation says that the community investment is geared for the future of the Vredenburg area and the Foundation is grateful to the community stakeholders, including Councilor Joubert Skei who has been very instrumental and positively responsive to the development of Louwville sports Fields.

“It is our belief that investing in the people of South Africa is the foundation of our country’s economic success and sustainability as a whole. We are committed to building a healthier, better educated, safer and skilled population that is positive about our country and motivated to grab the opportunities that empower them to live fulfilled lives

“We hope that this investment will go a long way in the development of sporting talent in this community. We are hopeful that the scoreboards will be up by the end of September and we believe they will enhance the sporting facility through live information feed and dissemination to the spectators as the teams play. People who believe in themselves and in the future are the building blocks of South Africa’s economic success. To reach this goal, we focus on projects that change people’s lives for good,” she concludes,” concludes Mabie.



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