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Who walked away with what? - Transnet Awards 2013

The 10th of October 2013, buzzed in another list of the annual Transnet awards, an event that officially celebrates the organization‘s everyday heroes. The ever hardworking workforce across all divisions exchanged their everyday office regalia for the fashionable catwalk look as they strut their stuff in the glamour of the evening event.

The evening and the event was, however, was a stark reminder for everyone present, of the benefits of taking pride in one’s work and doing the company proud. These sentiments were shared by Group CE Brian Molefe as he sang praise to the company’s heroes. Transnet Cares caught up with some of the Award winners behind the scenes and they had the following to say:

Chantel Liberty- Employee Volunteer Programme

Tell us about your current job and also about the award that you won?

I work at Transnet Engineering, Uitenhage; I am an Internal Auditor by profession and work in the finance department as an Accounts Payable officer.

I am currently in my 2nd year of my MBA studies. As part of my MBA leadership development program, I was required to construct a portfolio and the EVP program in Motherwell seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to develop and implement my mentorship and leadership skills acquired as a result of the leadership program.

The aim of the EVP program in Motherwell was not just to mentor, but also to train and develop business competences of the selected SMME’s, in order to equip these mentees with the appropriate skills needed in order to run a successful business.

 Did you expect the award and have you won any previous awards before?

I honestly did not expect to win any award for my participation in the EVP program as my initial decision to join was purely based on personal reasons in order to improve my own academic capabilities. It is the first time I’ve been awarded with any kind of achievement in Transnet.

I do not believe that I would have won without the combined efforts of Lungi (SMME / mentee) and myself. It was an absolute honour for me to work with such an exceptional lady. I had the pleasure of transferring my skills to her and in turn I learned the value of giving, because it is only in giving of yourself that you will truly experience the benefits of receiving.

What set you apart in order to receive this recognition?

My perception of the mentoring program completely changed when I got to Motherwell. I was introduced to my SMME’s and was amazed at the enthusiasm and determination of my mentees to succeed within the business world, despite their surrounding circumstances.

It gave me a new sense of purpose and passion which inspired me and gave me the determination to motivate and push my SMME’s to realise and achieve their goals.

It is with this determination and passion of not just me, but my mentees too, which I think was recognised by the Transnet foundation.

This is the reason which led to me receiving the recognition, not just of my achievement, but also the achievement of Lungi (mentee).

What does winning the award mean to you?

It means that I have realised my goals which I have set when I joined the Transnet EVP program. I really enjoyed participating in the EVP program, it helped me to grow and shape me into becoming a better person.

Kgomotso Kgafela

Integration Specialist-Business & Product Development - Culture Ambassador Award

Will you tell us about your current job and also the award that you won?

I am an Integration Specialist working for Business Development and basically we are positioned as strategic enablers within Transnet Engineering (TE) in order to improve organisational performance and facilitate the implementation of TE’s strategy.

To be a culture ambassador simply means that you demonstration the Transnet culture charter attributes in every action you undertake. For me it ultimately means you share the knowledge that you have acquired with every employee, especially new employees. In sharing that knowledge, it means you communicate, treat each other with respect and dignity and you empower each other. In that way Transnet will be more business focused with a safety mind-set and we will deliver on the promises to our clients.

Did you expect this award and have you won any previous awards before?

Well, I didn’t know I was nominated until I received an email from the GM: Culture & Change saying I’m in the top 10 out of 2100 nominees. I was super excited and nervous at the same time. I started receiving support from my immediate colleagues, emails and calls from my “extended” colleagues not only in Transnet Engineering but from other divisions also and that boosted my confidence that I will make it.

I have not won any awards previously but this is the highest award one can receive within TE because employees vote for you and not a panel of judges. And for that I am very thankful to all who have voted for me.

What set you apart in order to receive this recognition?

Firstly, we are all from diverse background and at work we have to find a common ground to work on and the Transnet Culture Charter is that common ground. So I believe that every day I come to my second home (Work) I hold-on to the Culture Charter principles as a survival tool and I thank Ntombi Twala for nominating me because it shows that I have and I am still surviving.

What does winning this award mean to you?

It means a start of a journey that I will travel with all my colleagues. As Bob Marley once said “the greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively”

Anyone within Transnet can be nominated to be the culture ambassador and as much as Transnet wants to recognise 5 individuals, I know that we are all winners. Mahatma Gandhi once said “You have to be the change you wish to see in the world” which includes your career life, if you want Transnet to change for the better, be that changed employee and everything else will follow.

 Lee September- Best Coach

What can you tell us about yourself?

I am occupying the position of Chief Operations Manager in the Cape Town Multi-Purpose Terminal for Transnet Port Terminals. The position is responsible for the effective running of the Operations Department on a daily basis as well as the advancement of it strategically. As COM I was the coach of the CTAR Express team and was responsible for the execution of the game plan.

 Did you expect this award and have you won any previous awards before?

 I never expected the award and yes I did won something before.

 What do you think made you win the award and what does winning mean to you?

 I think it was the focus and dedication part, it requires full commitment to the task at hand in order to lead the team successfully.

The recognition was great and I think it will inspire me and my team to do just as well in the PSL.

Lenie Saayman – Best Administrator

PSL Chief Club Administrator- Transnet Engineering

I am the Secretary and Risk administrator for Locomotive Factory Durban and I won the award for the Best administrator.  

Did you expect this award and have you won any previous awards before?

No I didn’t expect it. It was a huge surprise and it is nice to be recognized for all your hard work and this is the first time I have ever won something.

I believe I went the extra mile by assisting the business by way of requesting the right documentations from supervisors, liaison with employees and encouraging them to be part of the league.

I worked according to our game plan by assisting employees with Innovations, arranged safety events and helped out with Symposiums. I never waited for EXCO members to come and sign my action leader book.

What does winning this award mean to you?

This mean a lot to me, this mean that I have done something right; I was recognized for my hard work and that I can only go forward from now on.


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