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Matric Excellence at the Transnet Football School of Excellence

As Matric results for the class of 2013 continue to stir positive reviews across the country and most importantly the class being hailed as the best matric performance since the advent of democracy, the SAFA Transnet Football School of Excellence has also registered its own victory and ultimate contribution towards the overall national pass rate of 78.2 %.

In comparison to the class of 2012 that only managed to produce a pass rate of 57%, the lads of the 2013 class surpassed the previous record, achieving a pass rate of 87.5% out of the 16 learners that sat for the exams at the school.

As commendable as the results are, Transnet Foundation Sports Portfolio Manager Michael Moloto, however says that this does not call for over-the-moon celebrations as previous matriculants of the School did even better a few years back. ”From the year 2000, the School produced 100% for 7 years in a row and there is a need to reclaim that record. Nevertheless, it is good to note that out of 16 students, 1 received exemption, 9 are diploma candidates while 4 have certificates and the 2 that failed qualify for supplementary exams, this is indeed a solid achievement worthy of praise ’’ says Moloto.

The turnaround in performance compared to the previous year has been attributed to the positive interventions that the Company (Transnet) took in 2013 to better manage the institute’s academic and sports performance. Chief among the steps taken include introduction of weekend study camps, Sunday morning and afternoon study sessions, compulsory study supervision during study time and leaner discipline, which was lacking.

An intensive 10 days teaching and learning camp was introduced o in the month of September with a special focus in Mathematics, English, Accounting and Science.

With pressure set on the current 2014 class, Moloto has pledged to return the School to its former academic glory. ‘’This year we plan to start earlier with the intervention programmes. We will also bring in experts in the fields of education, increase the duration of holiday study camps and maximize on contact time between educators and learners,’’ concludes Moloto.

The boys that are specially selected for their talents in football, brought honour to the School last year when the U/16 team won the National Metropolitan Cup and walked away with trophy and a R50, 000.00 cheque. The victory does not end there as shown by the 2013 achievement report below.

SAFA / Transnet Football School of Excellence

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