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Announcement: Phelophepa I Healthcare Train re-routes to Beaconsfield Station

The scheduled arrival of the Transnet Phelophepa I Healthcare train at the Modderivier Station between the 28th of July and 1st of August 2014 will no longer take place. The train has however been rerouted to the neighbouring Beaconsfield Station owing to the infrastructural developments currently underway to improve the Modderivier Station.

The train will thus be re-routed from Prieska to Beaconsfield Station on 27th of July. From the morning of 28th July until 1 August 2014, the community of Modderivier will be ferried with busses from designated pick-up points at scheduled times to the train to access healthcare services.

The shuttle service arrangements are as follows:

Bus picks up points

1.   Motswedimosa Community Hall at 05:00 am and 08:00 am.

2.   Rietvale Community Hall at 07:00 am and 08:00 am.

About Transnet Foundation and the Phelophepa Healthcare train.

Headquartered in Johannesburg, Transnet Foundation is a specialist division of Transnet (SOC) LTD that implements the company’s socio-economic development projects.

The custom built Transnet Phelophepa healthcare train was first launched, as a modest three coach eye clinic in 1994 with the aim of bringing primary healthcare to the rural communities.  Over the last 20 years, the project has benefitted over 5.5* million people through its healthcare services and community outreach programmes. In 2012 Transnet invested R82-million in launching the second healthcare train – the Phelophepa II, which complemented the services rendered by the Phelophepa I, thereby massively increasing both the scale and scope of the project.

With the backing of the Transnet Foundation and support from Roche South Africa, the train has grown in scope and scale to become an all-in-one primary health care clinic, a vehicle for spreading awareness, an anchor for reaching out to communities, a work experience programme for medical students and a social investment programme that gets into gear, stays on track and makes positive

Meaningful difference wherever it stops.

Phelophepa fact file

• Has 18 coaches, is over 380 meters in length and weighs over 600 tons

• Travels through 70 communities over a two-year cycle

• Is operated by 19 resident staff and supported by up to 40 South African student volunteers

• Has helped to train over 20,000 student doctors pharmacists, nurses since its first journey

• Has made over 25,000 school visits to date, delivering vital health checks, medicines and education to children

• Sees an average of over 45,000 patients a year, treating over 600,000 patients since 1994

• Has benefitted over 5.4 million people through general health screening, HIV/AIDS awareness initiatives

 Additional information

Transnet Foundation website:

Transnet Foundation Facebook page: TransnetCares

Transnet Foundation Twitter page: Transnet_Cares

For more information, please contact Sibusiso Ngomane on 011 308 2457/ 078 098 9456


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