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Out with CAP, in with SEID

Over the years, it has simply been called CAP. But the Foundation’s Container Assistance Programme portfolio has seen a restructuring, in operations, name and function. Still under the management of the charismatic Ricky Maharaj, the portfolio’s name has been changed to Socio-Economic Infrastructure Development (SEID) to align it with community needs, government priorities and the Transnet Infrastructure Plan (TIP), based on the corporate plan of Transnet.

“This now means that the portfolio will solidify its focus on socio-economic development through infrastructure and services provision in order to accelerate community service delivery.  To date as CAP, we have been at the center of over 60 projects including the construction of police stations, multipurpose community centers, Transnet community centers, clinics and classrooms.

“And with these said projects, about 34 000 people countrywide have and continue to benefit from them.  It is with pride that I say that both safety and social development service delivery has been greatly enhanced in many communities as a result of our portfolio’s contributions”, Maharaj explains.

Maharaj further added that the SEID portfolio will continue to utilise available containers and buildings to provide CSI infrastructure.  “SEID is an expansion and development of the base on which CAP has been we and look forward to striving towards greater growth through Socio-Economic Infrastructure Development. The enhanced functions of the portfolio will promote the core business of Transnet as a whole and add even more value to the Foundation’s contributions,” he concludes.

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  1. jabulisile promise:
    Nov 10, 2014 at 03:05 PM

    I live @ umgababa and I have to travel to town just to have access to a computer. This made me think of your containers and computers, fax machines and printers. And transport cost are very high so our youth end up not having money for these information services. I myself am an unemployed graduate but computers are my passion and I know my interneT cafe will go a long way in my community to boost mmoral of our youth who has given up on trying.

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