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Learners put spotlight on Rail Safety

The Socio-Economic Infrastructure Development (SEID) Portfolio recently conducted a 3-day rail safety awareness programme commencing the 3rd of September, up to and including the 5th at Khuma, North West.

The programme – held in association with high schools in Khuma, the local Police Forum, Khuma SAPS and Kgorogo Social Investments – focused on the following activities:

–        Level crossing awareness

–        Rail safety Trailer Move around and the distribution of brochures on rail safety

–        Door-to-door campaigns and spreading the rail safety message at a local taxi rank

The highlight of the programme was the Transnet Foundation sponsored high school debate which saw 20 learners participating in the actual debate, and 238 learners providing moral support and listening in on the debates.

Four Khuma high schools: Vuyani Mawethu, Borakanelo, Dirang Ka Natla and Thuto Thebe participated in the two semi-finals which were held on the 3rd and 4th of September. Vuyani Mawethu and Borakanelo High Schools managed to progress to the finals which were held on the 12th at Khuma Community Hall. The topic of the day was “The role of an efficient rail infrastructure in upscaling the South African Economy”.

During the debates, learners agreed that community members also have a major role to play in ensuring that Transnet trains run on schedule and in a safe manner by protecting Transnet’s assets against vandalism and theft.

At the end of the day, Vuyani Mawethu High School came out shining and was crowned the champions of the competition after beating Borakanelo High School in a highly contested debate.They managed to walk away with a Lenovo laptop, a big gold trophy, 5 gold medals and 5 Transnet branded golf shirts.

Borakanelo High, the runners up, received a smaller gold trophy, 5 silver medals and 5 Transnet branded golf shirts. Dirang Ka Natla and Thuto Thebe received 5 Transnet branded golf shirts.

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