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Long before the dawn of South Africa hosting the 2010 Soccer World Cup, Transnet Foundation recognised the abundance of football talent amongst its youth. The company initiated the Rural and Farm Schools Programme in 100 schools in the five provinces and opened the doors of the Transnet / SAFA Soccer School of Excellence in Johannesburg. Here, 120 young boys are part of an academic institution with a difference; when school is out, they are coached in soccer so that, post their high school careers, they can venture into a professional career in football.



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A noble objective and empowering vision

Several years before South Africa hosted the 2010 Soccer World Cup, Transnet Foundation recognised the wealth of football talent amongst our youth. The company launched the Rural and Farm Schools Programme in 100 schools throughout the country, and opened the doors of the SAFA / Transnet Football School of Excellence in Johannesburg. Here, 120 young boys are part of an academic institution with a difference – when school is out, they are coached in soccer so that, on completion of their high school education, they can set their sights on a fulfilling professional football career.

The Rural and Farm Schools Programme has created a wealth of opportunities for the less privileged youngsters. Through our sport portfolio, the Transnet Foundation has tirelessly given, and continues to give, young sportsmen and women in rural communities a wonderful opportunity to fulfil their dreams. Around 120 boys attend our SAFA / Transnet Football School of Excellence, where, along with academic and holistic life skills education, they are also given specialised training to develop their natural football talent.

The Foundation realises that talent is not the only factor that determines whether our potential football stars will ultimately achieve success. Without opportunities to develop their talent and to be discovered, the journey from grassroots to glory is unlikely to happen. This is the case for many talented young people in the rural and underprivileged areas. Our Rural and Farm Schools Sport Programme aims to change this through the provision of sports training and infrastructure in rural areas to help youngsters reach their true sporting potential.

The Rural and Farm Schools Programme enables rural youth to participate in sport at a highly competitive level and to receive high-performance training to improve their natural talent. This project does not only provide sports equipment and kit for the participating schools, but also trains coaches and officials in the arena of netball, soccer and athletics. In addition, it organises committee members who are trained in event management for regional and national tournaments.

Through our training camps, children with natural talent are given a fair chance at developing their skills and achieving their goals. Within the area of soccer, our project collaborates with the SAFA / Transnet Football School of Excellence, and scouts for new talent at the rural tournaments. With the right encouragement, support and development, many of these promising young learners will be able to qualify for bursaries to further their education and to ultimately earn a good living through sport.

By means of these programmes, our Foundation nurtures the growth of previously disadvantaged youth, while also introducing a valuable community-building activity.

Transnet Foundation’s commitment to sports development is geared at instilling a strong sense of national pride amongst our young people, inspiring them to become the superstars of tomorrow. The primary mission is to unearth South Africa’s undiscovered sporting talent and to nurture it to the highest possible level. In so doing, the Foundation aims to bring about a social change in the lives of our future sporting stars, as well as in their communities.

In short, our objectives are:

  • To identify and develop sports talent amongst rural school-going youth.
  • To nurture such talent to attain excellence in sport.
  • To invest in the SAFA / Transnet Football School of Excellence so that it develops into a talent developer of choice in South Africa.

How we aim to achieve our goals:

  • The Rural and Farm Schools Sport Development Programme uses sport as an agent to combat social problems at school level. Our main focus areas are: development leagues, tournaments, training of netball coaches and umpires, training of football coaches and referees, and training of athletics coaches and officials. All these training programmes are conducted and accredited by the relevant Sport Federations. To date more than 60,000 youth of six provinces and 400 coaches, referees, umpires and officials have been trained.
  • The SAFA / Transnet Football School of Excellence was founded in 1994 with specific emphasis on the development of youth football. The school is a haven for youth from disadvantaged communities who are gifted in football.

Making a real difference

The SAFA (South African Football Association) School of Excellence was started in 1994 with 47 learners. The school identifies talented young football players from rural and underprivileged communities and prepares them for a professional career on the football field. Each year, 120 high school boys from across South Africa attend the school, where they receive a holistic education that focuses on academic skills, life skills and football development. The school currently employs eight educators and four coaching staff.

A rich history of performance and achievements

Some of the success stories of the Rural and Farm Schools Sport Programme include:

  • 2003-2005: Martha Moswane becomes the captain of the national senior netball team.
  • 2003: One of the programme coaches is appointed as coach of a national volleyball team touring Europe.
  • 2004: A learner from the Eastern Cape is selected for the SuperSport PSL soccer team.
  • 2007-2008: Five girls from different regions who play netball through the programme are offered bursaries to study at Rosina Sedibane High School.
  • 2008: A netball player from Qwaqwa in the Free State receives a netball scholarship from Tshwane University of Technology.
  • 2010: Three learners from Richards Bay in KwaZulu-Natal are selected for the Orlando Pirates Development Programme, and about 90 learners participate in the South African Local Government Association (SALGA) games.

SAFA / Transnet Football School of Excellence

RSVP for the National Sports Tournament, 2016

Although South Africa is rich in sporting talent, much of it goes undiscovered because it is hidden away in underdeveloped and rural communities. There are many opportunities for young sportsmen and women to develop and showcase their abilities, but most of the infrastructure for this is centred in urban and developed areas.

Through its Rural and Farm Schools Sport Programme, the Transnet Foundation gives real opportunities to youth who fall outside the target areas of traditional sporting bodies. It aims to identify and develop young sports talent in rural areas and nurture it towards excellence.

Please join us as we celebrate our young sporting heroes and future champions as we showcase the sustainable impact of this Transnet programme:

Date: Monday 3 October 2016

Venu: Germiston Stadium GPS: -26.228024, 28.174852

Time: 16:30


03RD OCTOBER 2016: 17:00


Opening Remarks by Program Director

: Andile Ncube

National Anthem

: All

Welcome Address

: Ekurhuleni Municipality Representative

Purpose of Event

: Mr Michael Moloto

Motivational Speaker

: Former Learner of the Transnet Football School of Excellence


: Chomie / 999 Music

Top Achievers

: Michael Moloto

Introduction of Dignitaries.

: Ms Cynthia Mgijima


: Chomie / 999 Music

Message of Support

: Super Sports Development Football

Message of Support

: Bernard Parker

Key Note Address

: Minister of Basic Education Angie Motshekga


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Vote of Thanks

: Ms C Mgijima

Contact Details: / +27 11 308 2775

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RSVP for the 2016 National Sports Tournament